The Commission will be holding stakeholder consultations across Tasmania in August and September 2021.

Consultations will provide an opportunity for stakeholders from a variety of organisations, disciplines and backgrounds to share information with the Commission about current Tasmanian Government responses to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts.

The Commission encourages people who are involved in, or aware of, government responses through their work to register to attend a consultation. These may include representatives from specialist child sexual abuse services and mainstream organisations, child protection workers, police, health care professionals, teachers, staff from local councils, court staff, people working with children and young people, representatives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The Commission will also contact specific organisations, groups and individuals to invite them to participate.

Consultations will start in August 2021 and will be held in a variety of locations.

All participants must be registered to attend and the Commission will determine who will be able to attend.

If you are interested in attending a session, please register your interest as soon as possible by contacting the Commission on 1800 950 110 between 9.00am and 5.00pm on weekdays or by email at

What happens at a consultation?

Generally, consultations will be held in groups with people from different organisations to allow collaboration and sharing of ideas with the Commission about current government responses to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. Each session will run for approximately two hours.

Discussions will focus on current systems, including what is working well, what the current problems, gaps and challenges are, and what changes need to be made to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring and improve responses to, and the reporting of, abuse.

The Commission will facilitate discussion and Commission staff will take notes of ideas that come out of the consultations.

As well as stakeholder consultations, the Commission will also hold sessions with a Commissioner . People who wish to speak directly with a Commissioner about their personal experience or particular incidents and allegations of child sexual abuse are encouraged to register to attend a session with a Commissioner. Sessions may be held with:

  • victim-survivors of child sexual abuse
  • family, friends and supporters of victim-survivors of child sexual abuse, and
  • people who wish to provide information confidentially to a Commissioner, such as information regarding child sexual abuse that has occurred at a Tasmanian government institution.

What protections do participants have if they provide information?

People who participate in the Commission’s stakeholder consultations will not be personally identified in the Commission’s report.

In providing information to the Commission, participants also have rights and protections under the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1995 (Tas). These rights and protections, and the treatment of information provided to the Commission, are outlined in:

Updated: 1st September 2021

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