COVID-19 vaccination policy

The Commission has introduced a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: Vaccination Policy (PDF, 125.7 KB).

In accordance with the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a safe working environment and the Commission’s obligations under occupational health and safety legislation, the Vaccination Policy states that all individuals working for the Commission and all individuals who attend Commission premises or participate in Commission activities in person are required to be fully vaccinated.

If you attend the Commission premises to attend or participate in Commission activities in person (including the Commission’s hearings, sessions with a Commissioner, stakeholder consultations and meetings), you will be required to show proof of your vaccination status upon arrival.

Evidence that you are fully vaccinated includes:

  • A copy of a COVID-19 digital certificate (to obtain go to and login to your personal account and click on Medicare > View history > View COVID-19 digital certificate > Download your COVID-19 digital certificate).
  • A medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner confirming that you have received an approved vaccine.
  • A COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ or other equivalent document issued by a government agency.

If you are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to having a medical contraindication, you will be required to show acceptable certification of a medical contraindication and may be required to meet additional health and safety measures to ensure you can safely participate. Please contact the Commission by email at or on 1800 950 110 for more information.

If you are otherwise not fully vaccinated, please contact the Commission to discuss alternative arrangements for participation in Commission activities.

Updated: 14th January 2022

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